Dynamics 365 & Calendar 365

Enhance Dynamics 365 Activity Management with Calendar 365


Unify Your Dynamics 365 Activities in One Comprehensive Calendar

Calendar 365, a versatile plug-in, offers a multitude of features to streamline and optimize your calendar and activity management within Dynamics 365. From seamless meeting scheduling to visualizing diverse activities, monitoring resource work schedules, and time-boxing your engagements, this tool is your all-in-one solution. Say goodbye to third-party extensions and standalone apps – Calendar 365 is here to simplify and enhance your calendar management needs, affordably.

A Robust Calendly Alternative for Dynamics 365

Calendar 365 is more than just a scheduling platform; it’s a complete activity management solution. Seamlessly integrated within your CRM, it alleviates concerns about data security and multiple third-party integrations. Set your business hours and event types, and Calendar 365 will dynamically manage your time slots.

Elevate Dynamics 365 with Calendar 365

Efficiency, collaboration, and timely customer communication are the cornerstones of success in any business. Calendar 365 empowers your teams to work together seamlessly, reducing delays and internal costs, leading to better outcomes.

Key Features:

Collision-Free Appointment Scheduling (Exclusive):

Share your availability with prospects and automate appointment scheduling, allowing prospects to book appointments at their convenience.

Activity Progress Monitoring:

Visualize activity schedules in a calendar view with advanced filters for timely completions, ensuring on-time follow-ups and transparent engagement.

Resource Availability:

Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly schedules of resources and assign new activities to optimize time usage.

Data Visualization for Any Entity:

Plot any entity with a time-box use case and track its entire lifecycle, improving data visualization.

Easy Event Bookings:

Easily book conferences and rooms for meetings, simplifying event management.

Multi-Device and Multilingual Support:

Enjoy a consistent user interface experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices for users worldwide.

Seamless Collaboration for Greater Outcomes:

Schedule appointments faster and track team activity cycles within Dynamics 365, facilitating effective connections.

Use Cases by Industry:

Customer Success:

Let customers schedule meetings at their convenience for faster resolutions, improved satisfaction, and higher retention rates.


Develop a marketing pipeline with instant catchups, visualize lead progress, and reduce lead engagement cycles.


Approach customers with a set of planned activities, track the sales cycle, avoid delays, and increase conversions.

Software and IT:

Visualize project and IT service request progress on the calendar interface, enabling efficient project management and activity monitoring.

Field Service:

Efficiently manage field sales and service by enabling better scheduling and activity monitoring for your sales representatives.


Improve engagement with candidates and track the entire recruitment process for streamlined hiring.

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