HubSpot & Facebook Ads

Get full ROI, cross-network reporting, and more in HubSpot.


To enhance your lead generation and sales, we offer a HubSpot and Facebook Ads integration that allows you to improve the targeting of your audiences, transmit lead data, and create the campaigns.

You can create Facebook ads directly from the HubSpot interface, and all the leads you generate through Facebook ads are automatically synced into HubSpot. Moreover, you will also receive comprehensive reports from HubSpot to see your ads’ real ROI and influence.

Create target audiences by integrating your Facebook pixel to HubSpot and using all the CRM data to define all smallest details that will boost conversion rates

Forget about exporting leads – they all will be automatically synced to the CRM

See the exact ROI of your campaigns – analyze how your ads generate revenue, not empty clicks

Create ads from HubSpot interface and stop switching between tools

Create workflows to make sure every prospect receives follow-up communication

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