Zoho CRM & Google Ads

Incorporate your Google Ads marketing expenditures seamlessly into Zoho CRM and gain insights into the specific keywords and campaigns contributing to offline sales. Export Zoho CRM sales data to Google Ads to enhance bid and budget optimization, ultimately maximizing your returns on investment.


Key Features:

  • Accurately attribute the origins of leads and opportunities generated through Google Ads.
  • Access and manage reports on sales originating from Google Ads.
  • Track how ad clicks translate into offline sales, such as those conducted over the phone or through sales representatives.
  • Gain insights into which clicks drive the most profitable sales.
  • The Google Ads add-on for Zoho CRM seamlessly integrates investment data and offline conversion information from Google Ads, eliminating the need for sales professionals to toggle between these two critical applications. With this add-on, anyone using Zoho and Google Ads can comprehensively map a customer’s journey from the initial click to the ultimate conversion.

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